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Cassandra Ebner


An awkward early 20’s dreamer with her head stuck in-between book pages. Her subconscious longs for a hero’s adventure but with her mothers constant disapproval looming and her easily distracted nature, she never seems to take the right path. Angela’s naivety and inexperience with life may take a turn when playing in Virtual reality. For better or for worse will be up to the experience gained by Angela..

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Enid-Raye Adams


Meredith isn’t one of those stereotypical mushy moms, she says it how it is and no need for explanation. She believes she is doing the right things for her kids but her incessant comments make them feel otherwise.


Lindsay Navarro


An early 20’s barista who sounds like a deadpan 30 year old. Although Steph has been best friends with Angela for several years, she never quite warmed up to Meredith. Steph may make it seem like the world will probably end tomorrow, but really she has a heart of gold hoping to help those in need.

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Gio Mocibob


Kaz is Angela’s first in game friend. He’s encouraging, charming and completely enthralled with Angela’s lack of Life Experience. Kaz wants to help teach Angela about the game but Angela ends up teaching him a thing or two.


Dave McGowan


Another VR player, the perfect stereotypical gamer: belligerent, rude, and always saying the most inappropriate things. Wanting to boost his ego, partners up with the two dweebs: Angela and Kaz to achieve his rightful place… “on top”.

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Annabelle Loi


The beautiful, fierce, and determined warrior. Although this is the player she portrays in the game, it’s not far from the truth as she is rated the best player among the Virtual Reality Beta-Testers. All players have a starting point though, and hers was with Kaz… Training hard to be the viral hero she is now.


Josh Chambers


B-Bro will always be found with Goldie. These two, although scary can be wonderfully gentle giants. His enthusiasm is so contagious you can’t help but smile.

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Jagen Johnson


Goldie is B-Bro’s secret weapon. He will crawl into you heart as fast as he will take you down.